Laatste veiling

Rien & Bas Weijers,Groesbeek

order:2Naam:‘Young Fabio’Geslacht:Dofferringnummer:NL13-1945397




血统书 眼睛图片


NL13-1945397 ‘Young Fabio’
Original Rien & Bas Weijers, Groesbeek
Son to the nr. 1 breeder of the loft ‘Gaudi’ and inbred to super Van Loon-breeder ‘Fabio’
Father: NL10-1274033 ‘Gaudi’
Original Hans Eijerkamp & Sons, Brummen
Father to among others:
1st Wolvertem 338 pigeons
1st Sezanne 205 pigeons
1st Chimay 61 pigeons (fastest 711 pigeons)
1st Blois 80 pigeons (11th NPO)
3rd Wolvertem 338 pigeons
3rd Duffel 375 pigeons

5th Nanteuil 289 pigeons
Grandfather: NL07-1371821 ‘Michelangelo’
So to NL01-4140734 ‘Fabio’ (super Van Loon breeder and winner of 26-27-50-89 etc NPO) x NL01-5120406 ‘Miss Antonia’ (1st NPO Bourges).
Grandmother: NL08-1101222 ‘Daughter Atilla’
Daughter NL00-1488908 ‘Atilla’
Daughter to NL00-1488908 ‘Atilla’, descendants to ‘Atilla’ won among others:
1st Rethel 18,919 pigeons
1st Peronne (+Teletext) 14,253 pigeons
1st Peronne 9,833 pigeons
1st Peronne 5,252 pigeons
1st Maaseik 3,163 pigeons
1st Morlincourt (+ Teletext) 3,138 pigeons
Mother: NL10-1272260 ‘Fabienne’
Original Hans Eijerkamp & Sons, Brummen
Inbred to super Van Loon-breeder NL01-4140734 ‘Fabio’, brother to ‘Don Leo’.
Grandfather: NL07-1369811 ‘Fabiano’
Won among others:
3rd Strombeek 1,331 pigeons
4th Duffel 6,451 pigeons
5th Geel 2,147 pigeons
9th Haasrode 12,149 pigeons
7th Peronne (+ Teletekxt) 6,346 pigeons
13th Peronne 6,644 pigeons
24th NPO Gien 3,987 pigeons

‘Fabiano’ is full brother to 9th National Châteauroux (section) and son to NL01-4140734 ‘Fabio’ (superbreeder and full brother ‘Don Leo’) x NL03-1912826 ‘Britt’ (daughter Chicago).
Grandmother: NL06-1763069 ‘Fabiola’
Won among others:
6th National Blois (section) 6,220 pigeons
3rd Haasrode 4,060 pigeons

13th Pommeroeul 3,890 pigeons
29th Duffel 6,451 pigeons

Became mother to 2nd NPO Peronne (youngsters) 9,830 pigeons. Other descendants won among others:
5th Châteauroux 1,398 pigeons
9th NPO Orléans 2,525 pigeons
24th Orléans 3,223 pigeons
33rd National (section) Blois 4,229 pigeons
55th NPO Blois 2,998 pigeons
77th NPO Bourges 3,561 pigeons

‘Fabiola’ is a daughter to NL01-4140734 ‘Fabio’ (superbreeder and full brother ‘Don Leo’) x NL98-4845608 ‘Pride’ (1st Peronne 7,873 pigeons).